Liberty Hall Library

Project title: Liberty Hill Library
Course title: ARCH 1400
Professor/Instructor: Claudia Bernasconi
Students: Nathalie Begin

Course description: The second-year studio focuses on mixed use development and the relationship with the urban and natural contexts. The studio includes a field trip to Cincinnati and the selection of a site characterized by extreme topography.

 Student work description: The final project for the second year studio consisted of the design for a 30,000 SF Branch Library for the Prospect Hill and Pendleton neighborhoods in Cincinnati. The site is located on a steep hill, therefore relationship to landscape and ground become extremely relevant. In the contemporary world libraries are still a significant part of the community, and can become pivotal nodes between commercial corridors and the residential fabric of the city. Libraries speak of shared values, and spur interaction among communities. The library project can become an opportunity to explore ways in which architecture creates knowledge through interaction. Your project takes a position on the relationship the library and the urban context and topography, and acts as a threshold into the new development proposed for the area. The building(s) should sustain, spur, and contribute to organize the pedestrian street life of the main street, E. Liberty Blvd, while providing safe and comfortable access across it.

student project diarama
Model of a library.
student project diarama buildings
Rendering of a library
student project branch plans
library model presentation
library model top view