Graduate Programs for Transfer and Post-Degree Students

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The school of architecture offers 3 pathways to the M. Arch. accredited professional degree.
All interested post-degree and transfer students should initiate the application process by contacting the University admissions office.

Click here for additional information regarding admissions and to initiate an on-line application.

For more information regarding the Architecture program, you may also contact the Dean or Associate Dean of Architecture at 313-993-1532.

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1-Year Path

For students who have completed their undergraduate architecture studies at UDM, or transfer students beginning the program at various levels as undergraduate students and completing the requirements at UDM for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture - completing the M. Arch. degree is a one year program centered around the completion of a thesis project. The total length of the program including undergraduate work for transfer students is dependent upon the evaluation of transfer credits.

Community College Transfer Students - We do admit community college transfer students at various levels of the program.  We recommend that you call 313-993-1532 and speak to the Associate Dean right away to discuss transfer credits in order to plan your transition to UDM early.  You may also want to consult the transfer guides found on the Admissions Office website.

2-Year Path – Students with a B.S. in Architecture

For students who hold a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from another institution transfer credits are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If the applicant’s undergraduate experience was close to identical to UDM’s program, then admission to the 1-Year path is possible. However, it is more common that an applicant in this situation may be admitted to the graduate program but will likely require one year of additional coursework prior to entering the master’s thesis sequence. A portfolio submission is required for applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in architecture.

Sample 2 Year Curriculum Plan

3+ Year Path – Students with a non-architecture Bachelors degree

Students with a degree in another field will begin as "post-degree undergraduate" students while they complete necessary undergraduate architectural coursework that serves as a pre-requisite for the graduate thesis year. For students who hold a Bachelors degree in another field, transfer credits are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but it is possible to complete the professional masters degree in architecture in three years + one summer depending on previous experience.

Sample 3-plus Year Curriculum Plan (under construction)

Curriculum plans for ALL transfer students are confirmed on a case-by-case basis depending on previous credits that are transferable.

The admissions requirement for transfer students, including students who already possess a bachelor’s degree, is a minimum GPA of 3.0. Transfer students from an architectural program should also have at least a 3.0 GPA in design studio courses, and will be required to submit a portfolio for all previous design and drawing classes.