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DCDC continues progress in Denby neighborhood

Progress continues near Denby High School in northeast Detroit as the School of Architecture's Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC), the Denby Neighborhood Alliance and redevelopment organization Life Remodeled work with thousands of volunteers to renovate the neighborhood.

The DCDC focuses on the restoration of Skinner Playfield, a park adjacent to Denby High School, which will be built to include basketball courts, entertainment pavilion area, urban gardens, playgrounds, horseshoe pits and new landscaping. DCDC Senior Landscape Designer Charles Cross has taken the lead in designing the park with collaboration from Professor of Architecture Dan Pitera and DCDC Design and Project Manager Rebecca Willis. Life Remodeled focuses its project efforts on helping to build a new community center, renovate 50 homes in the area and beautify 300 city blocks.

DCDC Senior Landscape Designer Charles Cross poses with Design and Project Manager Rebecca Willis under the new stage pavilion in Skinner Playfield.

Life Remodeled volunteers smile as they continue to build up a berm near the Skinner Playfield playground, encouraging students to climb, play and run up the hill or perhaps sit on the steps with a book from the nearby Little Free Library, provided by Associate Professor of English Mary Catherine-Harrison and Rx for Reading Detroit.

Skinner Playfield

Release date: August 11, 2016

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