Faculty Spotlights

UDM’s architecture faculty are not just your professors—they’re your coaches and mentors in a challenging, exciting program that will teach you everything from history and theory to urban environments, sustainable architecture and international trends. Check out our full list of faculty & staff.


Joe Odoerfer
Professor of Architecture & Associate Dean of Architecture

“You will come away with knowledge of someone else's experience as your beginning point, so you will enter the profession with 30 years of experience.”
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Allegra Pitera
Associate Professor of Architecture & Director, Digital Media Studies

“It's a hands-on opportunity to work with media theory, design and technology to explore what you love to do with digital media.”
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Noah Resnick
Associate Professor of Architecture & Director, Master of Architecture Program

“At UDM, we strive to prepare not just great designers and great thinkers but great professionals.”
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